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You'll Love It!

Based on Laravel, PHP 7 ready system with open source that makes your code clean and elegant

Material Design - RWD Template - Antares Mobile Preview UI Components - Vue/HTML - Antares Mobile Preview Fully Modular Application With Modules - Antares Mobile Preview

Material Design
RWD Template

Stop thinking about the layout and focus on your code. Antares will render a fully responsive, breathtaking interface for you.

UI Components

Design web pages as if they were built of bricks with predefined Vue/HTML Components. It will look great by default!

Fully Modular

Build your own modules that can hook up to any element of the system and easily maintain your well-organized codebase!

Work Efficiently!

Easy workflow for a single developer and a whole team

Quick Installation - Antares

01. Install

Install the platform with just a few simple commands and start working right away.

Build Software And Export To Git - Antares

02. Build PLANNED

Speed up software development by generating modules and exporting them directly to GIT using an intuitive build mode.

Modules Development - Antares

03. Develop

Create modules fast and easily. Use widget templates and don't waste your time on UI. Work on existing modules instead of building everything from scratch.

Easy System Deployment With Sandbox Environment - Antares

04. Deploy

Prepare your system with ease and deliver it to customers on the fly. Organize a sandbox environment.

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel!

Use a predefined set of modules to fully focus on specific functionality of your own system


Enable API for all your levels

REST API - Antares

2Factor Authentication

Additional security layer supporting Google Authenticator and Yubikey

2Factor Authentication - Antares

User Management

End-user registration, login and whole admin area management with Login As User option

User Management - Antares
Priority Based Notifications - Antares

Priority Based Notifications

Handle events with notifications on the interface level or by sending email and SMS

Automation Management - Antares

Automation Management

Hook up your module into Automation Management component to easily control background processes

Installer And Updater - Antares

Installer and Updater

Provide your clients with a user-friendly installer and updater

and many more: Reports, Translations, Bans Management, Staff Management... SEE FULL MODULES LIST
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