About Antares The project that changes everything about web application development

The vision of Antares, the revelatory platform of which you can take advantage today, was the effect of our struggling with typical issues that most software developers experience on a daily basis:

  • The vast majority of web applications' core functionalities were usually quite similar to each other. Though, each project required precise customizations which did not give us the sense of comfort and stabilization. We really needed a stable platform to base our solutions on.
  • Our team consists mostly of back-end developers who possess neither the right skills nor the proper experience to handle front-end tasks. Simply, working on the user interface is not their thing and there is nothing wrong with that. Probably you know the pain too. Why then not use ready-made widget templates to render astonishing interface without any hassle?
  • Development of SaaS applications and on-premises software used to be two different worlds. We aimed to change that state of affairs with a solution that will support them both.
  • We wanted to create a highly flexible solution with fully modular architecture to re-use an existing codebase.

Why have we decided to create Antares?

To solve these problems once and for all. Initially, we just wanted to create a solution that would have maximized our efficiency and helped us in our daily work - and we have succeeded. The idea of releasing Antares as an open source platform has grown in time. Once we have noticed that Antares can become something more, we decided to share it with the world. Together we will make the creation process of web applications easy, fast and based on solid foundations.

We sincerely believe that our project will win your approval. We are more than ready to commit to further development of Antares through creating additional modules, adding improvements and maintaining the platform. We really hope for your honest feedback that will be our driving force to overcome the challenges that await us.

Our goal was to build a platform that will empower you to create amazing web applications swiftly. With Antares you will forget about everything that slows you down and focus on tasks that are really important to you.

Meet Our Team

Creative professionals who brought Antares into being

Konrad Keck - Founder Of Antares
Konrad Keck
Damian Bursztyka - Lead Front-end Developer Of Antares
Damian Bursztyka
Lead Front-end Developer
Paweł Bis - UI Designer Of Antares
Paweł Bis
UI Designer
Krystian Guzik - PHP Developer Of Antares
Krystian Guzik
PHP Developer
Marcin Kozak - PHP Developer Of Antares
Marcin Kozak
PHP Developer
Marcin Domański - PHP Developer Of Antares
Marcin Domański
PHP Developer
Mariusz Jucha - PHP Developer Of Antares
Mariusz Jucha
PHP Developer
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